If you are grappling with the challenges of missing teeth and seeking a reliable solution for restoring your smile, snap-on dentures, also known as overdentures or implant-supported dentures, may be the answer you have been looking for. Our skilled dentists and team are here to guide you through this transformative dental journey.

Overdentures are a remarkable dental innovation that addresses the shortcomings of traditional dentures, which can become less stable and comfortable over time due to changes in the gums and underlying bone structure. Unlike conventional dentures, which rely solely on the contours of your gums for support, overdentures are secured in place by strategically positioned dental implants. This innovative approach ensures that your dentures remain firmly in position, providing unparalleled stability and comfort.

Typically, only a couple of dental implants are required to anchor snap-on dentures, though your specific needs may warrant additional implants for optimal results. These implants serve as a stable foundation for your dentures, preventing them from slipping or moving while you eat, speak or smile. Plus, they facilitate easy insertion and removal of your dentures for daily cleaning and maintenance.

The benefits of snap-on dentures are manifold, including:

  • Enhanced Comfort: Overdentures come equipped with attachments that prevent excessive pressure on your gumline, minimizing discomfort and potential gum-related issues.
  • Improved Functionality: Compared to removable dentures, overdentures offer significantly greater functionality, enabling you to enjoy your favorite foods without restrictions.
  • Enhanced Stability: Say goodbye to the annoyance of loose or “floating” dentures. This implant-supported solution provide a stable and secure fit, boosting your confidence in social situations.
  • Heightened Confidence: A beautiful, stable smile can have a profound impact on your self-esteem and overall confidence.
  • Dietary Freedom: With overdentures, you regain the ability to eat and drink whatever you desire, without fear of denture slippage.

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